About Us

Locally founded in 1982, the Knoxville Association of Women Executives (KAWE) is dedicated to advancing its members professionally and personally through networking, mentoring, and leadership opportunities. Members are accomplished and active business and professional women with diverse talents, interests, and personalities. They have established themselves in the greater Knoxville community in their professional lives and civic interests. They hold advanced degrees and specialized certification in a variety of fields: Financial, engineering, consulting, marketing, university teaching, apparel, environmental, health, industry, technology, law, and medicine. Every year, they recognize a “notable woman” with a monetary award and offer a promising woman a scholarship to continue her studies. Cash awards over the years in these two areas exceed $30,000. Members meet on the second Thursday of each month for lunch to network and enjoy a speaker from a broad spectrum of topics.

KAWE is a registered not for profit, and membership is by invitation.


The Knoxville Association of Women Executives (KAWE) provides accomplished women in a variety of professions and businesses with opportunities for social and professional networking, professional and personal support, and leadership development.

Strategic Priorities
  • Create opportunities for personal connections and networking
  • Provide professional mentoring and leadership development
  • Promote personal well-being
  • Recognize prominent women leaders
  • Identify and encourage young women of promise

We base our actions on valuing community and inclusiveness, supporting women’s interests and well-being, promoting collegiality, and advancing women leaders in the workplace and community.


We are an integrated network of women leaders who aspire to leverage our collective expertise for community outreach and education. We aim to be an inclusive community and a resource for potential leaders.